corotCoRoT (Convection, Rotation et Transits planétaires) is a French project (CNES) in collaboration with ESA and different European countries including Belgium. It was launched in December 2006. Its orbit allows to observe a given stellar field for very long periods of time up to 160 days without interruption. From very tiny variations in the brightness of selected stars, this satellite discovers  on the one hand exoplanets that transit on the stellar discs, and, on the other hand, empirically observes the interiors of the stars from their natural oscillations (asteroseismology).


CSL was responsible of the design, construction and tests of the baffle as well as of the obturator of that satellite, in close collaboration with the firma Verhaert NV(now QinetiQ Space NV). The baffle is one key component of the instrument as it protects the detectors from any parasitic light. The many problems  met during the construction and tests were hopefully successfully solved and the “Belgian” baffle, as it is referred to by the CNES specialists,  works so well that it allows observations not initially foreseen.


corot instrument      corot baffle
 The baffle of COROT  baffle with covert


Contact(s) : Jean-Yves Plesseria