The X-ray satellite XMM-Newton was launched by ESA in December 1999. Its goals are to observe with unprecedented sensitivity very hot matter in the universe, cataclysmic phenomena during the births and deaths of stars, galaxies and clusters of galaxies, …


We not only tested the X-ray telescopes onboard that satellite using X-ray and Ultraviolet facilities specially developed at CSL but we have also been involved in the construction of the Optical Monitor (OM), a telescope working in the visible and ultraviolet, in parallel with the 3 X-ray telescopes. CSL was responsible, in collaboration with an international consortium, for the power supply, for  the optical ground support equipment  and for the optical and qualification tests of the whole instrument.


xmm mirrors a    xmm mirrors 2a 

xmm-om a 

XMM mirrors  mirrors in the satellite OM at CSL