Integral earth

The European satellite INTEGRAL (INTErnational Gamma-Ray Astrophysics Laboratory)  was launched  on October 17, 2002. It is an ESA medium-size mission (M2).  Since more than 10 years, this instrument has successfully observed the entire sky, at hard X-ray and Gamma-ray energies, with unprecedented sensitivity and resolution. Furthermore, and for the first time, the same astronomical object can be observed simultaneously in the visible, the X- and Gamma-rays.


The OMC (Optical Monitoring Camera) is an imaging system that provides the optical observations. It consists of an optical system, a structural main baffle, a cover system, a focal plane assembly and  stand-alone electronics.

CSL participated in the design, construction and tests of different parts of that instrument, in collaboration with Spain (INTA, Madrid). We were actually responsible for the cover system, for the optical system design, manufacturing and testing as well as for the main baffle design and manufacturing. We also made the thermal vacuum tests of the flight model of the OMC instrument in August 2000.


omc fm test a

  omc test a
OMC in test at CSL




Contact(s) : Jean-Yves Plesseria