proba 2 satellite

Proba-2 is a satellite built in Belgium under control by ESA. It is a mini satellite that incorporates many new technologies never used before in space applications. PROBA‐2 has been successfully launched with a Rockot launcher from the Plestesk Cosmodrome in Northern Russia on 2 Nov. 2009 and is now orbiting at an altitude of 700 km on a dawn‐dusk solar orbit. On the 5 instruments on board, 3 of them do concern CSL: SWAP, LYRA and ESP.

SWAP (Sun Watcher using Active Pixel system detector and image processing) is a solar imager in the extreme ultraviolet (EUV) on the PROBA 2 technological platform, an ESA program. SWAP uses an off‐axis Ritchey Chretien telescope equipped with an EUV enhanced active pixel sensor detector (coated APS). SWAP provides solar coronal images at a 1‐min cadence in a bandpass centered on 17.5 nm. Observations with this specific wavelength allow detecting phenomena, such as solar flares or EIT‐waves, associated with the early phases of coronal mass ejections. SWAP has been entirely designed, assembled and tested at CSL.


The LYman Alpha Radiometer (LYRA) is a solar UV radiometer also onboard PROBA‐2, sampling the solar irradiance in 4 passbands relevant to Solar Physics, Space Weather and Aeronomy with a cadence up to 100 Hz, and demonstrating novel solar‐blind filters diamond detectors. CSL coordinated the LYRA project built by Switzerland (PMO-Davos).


 ESP (Experimental Solar Panel)  is a solar panel that incorporates  solar  concentrators that has also been designed, built and tested at CSL.



swap 1a LYRA Integration 12 Swap a

SWAP Instrument

with front cover open

Lyra integration

An image of the Sun

taken by SWAP


To see, in real time, the last image from the PROBA-2 satellite :


To know, in real time,  the PROBA-2 satellite orbit :

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