JUNO UVS (2007 – 2010)

JUNOJuno, a NASA New Frontiers mission, has been launched in August 2011. JUNO plans for a 5-year cruise and 14 months around Jupiter after arriving in August 2016. Juno will study Jupiter from a highly elliptical orbit, in which the spacecraft dives down over the north pole, skims the outermost atmosphere, and rises back up over the south pole. Juno carries an Ultraviolet Spectrograph (UVS) to make spectral images of Jupiter's aurora. UVS is a UV imaging spectrograph sensitive to both extreme and far ultraviolet emissions in the 70-205 nm range that will characterize the morphology and spectral nature of Jupiter's auroral emissions. Juno UVS consists of two separate sections: a dedicated telescope/spectrograph assembly and a vault electronics box. The contributions of CSL to UVS are the scan mirror mechanism and its driver card.


Le 5 juillet 2016, à 5h18 du matin (heure belge), la sonde interplanétaire NASA Juno sera insérée en orbite autour de Jupiter, après 5 années de transit. Pour en savoir plus : voir communiqué de presse de l'ULG à ce propos.


Juno 1 Juno 3 Juno

JUNO UVS Scan Mirrors being

prepared for thermal-vacuum

test at CSL.

JUNO FM scan mirror

assembly vibration

JUNO launch, 5 Aug 2011,

from Cape Canaveral


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