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MIRI is one of three instruments on this space telescope and will provide imaging, spectroscopy and coronagraphy at wavelengths between 5 and 28 μm. The project is an international partnership (50 / 50) between JPL and a nationally funded consortium of European institutes, working with ESA and NASA. MIRI is designed to meet the science requirements of JWST for mid‐IR capabilities.   more



Four separate “TMAs” (Three Mirrors Anastigmat) have been cooled down to -261°C (12 K) in the CSL facilities. The overall test sequence is expected to last 10 days under vacuum, for each TMA. During the test, the optical performances will be measured between 20K and 30K using interferometric method.   more



At CSL, a set-up specially designed for Planck spacecraft was developed in Focal5 in order to perform the cryogenic environment tests. The challenge was to reproduce on ground the real environment of the deep space in terms of temperature and absorptivity. The test of the overall spacecraft consisted in a high technical design and development as it was the only way to measure the end-to-end cooling chain of the instrument. The Planck spacecraft cold point was at around 100 mK.  more



Solar generator engineering, including solar concentration, solar array sizing, thermal analysis, system technology trade-off, new concepts.   more



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