The CSL Team of the "STEREO" project (JM. Defise/JP Halain/E. Mazy/P. Rochus) co-wrote a paper based on the "Secchi Instruments" that received by the "2008 Annual Alan Berman Research Publication Award" at The Naval Research Lab (Washington, DC) on 27 March 2009.

Nomination for The Marianne of Cristal of La chambre de Commerce Française de Liège Luxembourg on 23 April 2009.

L. Jacques received the Thales Alenia Space Award and the Wallonie Espace Award for his Master These. He has been also nominated for the Odissea Award. Jul 2009 - Sept 2009.

Dr. M. Georges received the Jean Ebbeni Award on 18 November 2009 from the Société Française d’Optique.

Attribution of a 'Oeuf de Cristal' at the event of the 20 years of The Interface (University of Liege) on 24 November 2009.

N. Grevesse received the title of « Astronome Correspondant at the Royal Observatory of Belgium» - Dec 2009.


List of Patents involving CSL :

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  • Solar concentrator (1) [EP1301396 - 2003-04-16]
  • Solar concentrator (2) [EP1396035 - 2004-03-10]
  • Solar concentrator (3) [EP1807870 – 2007-07-18]
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  • A sensor based on surface Plasmon resonance [WO2007137995 – 2007-12-06]


Object 1: Thermal Detector
The thermal detector is a radiation detector comprising an energy absorber, for absorbing incident radiation (RAD) and thus undergoing a temperature increase; and an optical readout system, for detecting temperature variations

Object 2: Micromechanical Sensor
The micromechanical sensor comprises a micromechanical oscillator and optical readout system for detecting any displacement of the micromechanical oscillator.