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(High Efficiency Volume Bragg Gratings)

ESA TRP with Athol as subcontractor.
The goal of the project is the study of the Volume Bragg Gratings technology and its application in space mission. VBG are recorded by holographic process in photosensitive materials. CSL has a strong expertise in developing such elements made with the Dichromated Gelatine technology, mainly for astronomy applications (past activity transferred in spin-off Athol). CSL continues investigations in such technology towards its applications in space conditions.
A first step of the project consists in a conceptual study of two VBG types. These VBG types will be procured and will undergo a set of space qualification tests (thermal cycling and radiation test). Optical performance tests will follow the impact of these space qualification tests. Final recommendations will be issued for VBG spatialisation and the possibility to build these VBG in Europe.



CSL set-up for cryogenic testing of VBG




European FP6 Collaborative "STREP" project, coordinated by IESL/FORTH (Greece)

The European project MULTIENCODE ("MULTIfunctional ENCODing system for assessment of movable cultural heritage") aims at establishing a new standard Impact Assessment Procedure (IAP) for monitoring of defects of movable artworks, either for conservation purpose (unstable defects) or for authenticity verification (stable defects). The capture of the signatures of artworks is performed by various holographic techniques by considering inherent defects of artwork substrates under thermal stress. The CSL participates in this project for the demonstration of the high resolution photorefractive holographic camera, for the development of the IAP and a new multifunctional sensor which incorporates other optical diagnosis techniques into a single unit.


multiencode 1   multiencode 2

Final system achieved

at end of project


An example of fake

artwork identification

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Contact(s) : Marc Georges