OlciIn the frame of the GMES/Copernicus program, CSL is implied in the procurement to Thales Alenia Space France (TAS-F) of the calibration mechanism of the OLCI instrument onboard Sentinel-3 satellite.

First, CSL has been in charge of the procurement, qualification and characterisation of the calibration diffusers: 3 high reflectivity and close to Lambertian diffusers that will reflect Sun light into the instrument. For this purpose, CSL has developed a high performance visible and infrared BRDF measurement bench.

Secondly, CSL has designed, qualified and manufactured the mechanism holding the diffusers and placing them in front of the optical system. This mechanism is a rotating wheel with 5 pre-defined positions: shutter, aperture and 3 diffusers. The mechanism is also opening and closing a lateral aperture to allow Sun light illuminating the diffusers when required.

The first flight model (FMA) has been delivered to TAS-F in February 2013, the second flight model (FMB) is under acceptance test and will be delivered in June 2013.


 see also OLCI Test

Contact(s) : Jean-Yves Plesseria jyplesseria@ulg.ac.be