Sentinel-2 MSI (started in 2009)

Sentinel-2 will provide a powerful and fully operational information capability in the frame of the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) initiative, which is a joint undertaking of the European Commission and the Agency. The mission is designed as an optical high-resolution multispectral mission to provide sustained operational land services for a period of at least 15 years after the launch of the first satellite.
The Sentinel-2 Multi-Spectral Instrument (MSI) is a filter based push-broom imager. It provides imagery in 13 spectral channels with spatial resolutions ranging from 10 to 60 m. The instrument is required to operate over a wide spectral range extending from the Visible Near Infra-Red (VNIR, 400-1100 nm) to the Short- Wave Infra-Red (SWIR, 1100-2500 nm) spectral range.
Astrium GmbH is the prime contractor for the Sentinel-2 satellite. Astrium SAS is responsible for the Multi-Spectral Instrument; CSL is the Solar Diffuser Contractor.


MSI Diffuser

( Multi Spectral Instrument ) for CSL ( end customer EADS ASTRIUM SAS )

In the framework of the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security program (GMES), ESA develops Sentinel-2, a multispectral optical imaging system for Earth Remote Sensing with terrestrial applications providing continuity and enhancement to Landsat and SPOT type missions.
The diffuser is a sun-light diffuser used for absolute radiometric calibration of all spectral channels. The calibration is typically performed once a month when flying over the North Pole. During calibration phase, a mechanism deploys the diffuser in front of the instrument. The sun diffuser covers the full field of view.
All the diffusers have been baked till 80 °C during 72 hours in a dedicated set up.


MSI diffusers integration for bakeoutView of diffusers


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