Technology transfer


Spin-off from the University of Liege, PHYSIOL designs, manufactures and performs the marketing of intraocular lenses for the cataract surgery. PHYSIOL recently developed and patented a new concept of hybrid material for the manufacturing of flexible intraocular lenses. The development of a new process using this material is the aim of LIONEL project, done in collaboration with industrials such as NANOSHAPE, OPTIM, OPEN ENGINEERING and LAMBDA-X in the frame of the MECATECH cluster (WR funding). Since 2009, CSL provides to the project its expertise on optical design, metrology and micro-structures replication technologies.


LIONEL example of principal replication steps of the optical area of an intra ocular lens :


Lionel 1  Lionel 2 Lionel 3




Moule silicone


Réplique par croissance de nickel



La société liégeoise PhysIOL décroche le Grand Prix wallon à l'exportation :





In this project, CSL works in partnership with Advanced Technologies Europe, UCL and WOW on a new concept of ice pelletizer, optimizing CO2 consumption in the process of carbonic ice generation. CSL tasks concern ice characterization with gamma ray densimeter and participation to instrument design and thermal simulations. ECO2ICE is funded by the Walloon Region in the frame of the MECATECH cluster.