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CSL is an active research centre in the fields of space instruments, space testing and technologies. CSL is highly known as a test centre but it as also important activities in space instrumentation and advanced technologies. For years, the CSL has been an “ESA-coordinated facility”. Today, the Testing Department operates five thermal-vacuum chambers with volumes ranging from 1 to 170 m³, two shakers (88 to 200 kN) and a number of specialized equipments all located in a 1,000-m² clean room area (ISO 5 to ISO 7).


Complete Test Service Package :

  • Test set-up design and manufacturing
  • Review of test feasibility
  • Review of customer’s specifications
  • Test plan and test procedure
  • AIV operations
  • Instrumentation and data acquisition
  • Mechanical, thermal and optical   expertise
  • Testing
  • Measurement of instrument performance
  • Result analysis
  • Reporting

A typical space qualification sequence is:

  • Arrival at CSL and unloading
  • Cleaning and entering in AIV clean area
  • Integration and preparation phase
  • TV test
  • Integration and instrumentation
  • Mechanical test
  • Dismounting and packing
  • Departure and final reporting




Focal 5  Focal 2  Shakers

clean room

Focal 6.5  Focal3  Focal 1.5

clean room


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