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Thermal Design Office

exemple computationThe CSL thermal experts are usually designing thermal vacuum set-up to fit better with the various customer’s requirements in terms of:

  • Limited external heat loads
  • Compliance with the shroud required temperature homogeneity with adapted pipes routing
  • Allowable geometrical constraint of a thermal tent
  • Optimized conductive strapping for cryogenic applications (minimum achievable temperature)
  • Reduction of transient phase duration

These various computations are done with standard programs like ESATANESARAD or CSL home made software.
This engineering section is also providing thermal analyses for space instruments design or other customer needs.


Example of shroud temperature 

homogeneity computation



thermal set-up


cryogenic application

Planck S/C thermal test set-up


Optimized conductive strapping for

a cryogenic application (NIRSpec TMA)




Turn Key Thermal Systems and GSEs Delivery


CSL is proposing its expertise for complete thermal systems to the attention of external test centers. A scope of work, from the initial feasibility study and the review of specifications to the final on-site commissioning is proposed.
Some examples are given here below:

  • ISRO

A closed loop thermal system, using dedicated nitrogen blowers, has been designed, optimized and delivered for ISRO SAC (Ahmedabad) in 2001. High level performance with respect to LN2 consumption and temperature uniformity were required.


  • ESA

CSL has designed, manufactured and installed, at ESTEC premises, a complete thermal system together with the associated thermal tent. This system is linked to the new refurbished Phenix chamber of 4.5m diameter (previous Focal X).
The final Customer is ESA (ESTEC) and the final commissioning was successfully achieved in May 2009.


isro tcu module


esa thermal tent

ISRO closed loop TCU module,

manufactured by CSL


ESA Design and manufacturing of a thermal tent



 See also KARI and Phenix projects


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