Mechanics & Thermics : Major Equipments

Thermal capabilities

Thermal  shrouds designed upon requirements.
Thermal control surface materials.

  •  Shroud fed with LN2, GN2, LHe, and GHe
  •  Liquid or Gas Nitrogen for temperature between 90 K and 523 K (regulated or non-regulated environment).

Closed loop thermal regulation with GN2.






KOCH 1630


GN2/LN2 turn-key thermal system delivery

  •  delivery of Thermal System Units adapted to customer's need
  •  open loop or closed loop philosophy
  •  automatic and easy use via user-friendly HMI (Human Machine Interface)
  •  full validation at customer's premises
  •  customers : ESA, ISRO (INDIA), KARI (KOREA), ... (See services)


Cryogenic capabilities

  •  cryogenic environment in the [2.2K - 400K] temperature range
  •  closed loop helium circulation for each vacuum chamber thanks to liquefiers
  •  liquid or gaseous helium mode
  • cooling power of 300W at 20K per liquefier.


cryo vib 

Cryo vibrations


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