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Environmental Specifications Definition

  • Spacecraft trajectory generation
  • Protons & electrons fluxes and Ionising & non Ionising  doses calculations
  • Single event upset rates definition
  • Tools: Models available on SPENVIS platform


Radiation Analyses

  • Doses calculations and Ray-trace analyses of simple (2D) and more complex geometries (3D and CAD).
  • Spot, Sector-shielding and global shielding analyses of complex geometries based on CAD model
  • Simulations of interaction of protons and ions with matter


Radiation tests

  • Test specifications/plans/procedures/reports
  • Test set up preparation (optical/electrical and mechanical including the full test logistic and the interface with facilities).
  • Electronic characterization during/after irradiation upon request


ULg radiation test ressources

  • 60Co source, 137Cs gamma calibration sources including high intensity by Bremastrahlung (from electron accelerator up to 15 MeV).
  • inhouse facility : protons up to 20 MeV, electrons up to 15 MeV , soft X-rays (10 to 35 keV)
  • Ions beams of various sources and various energie from 0 to 20 Mev
  • Ra-Be and Am-Be  neutrons sources


CSL and ULg radiation measurement resources

  • Alpha, beta , X-ray, Spectrometer and gamma detectors
  • Neutron: counting by BF3 counter or dose measurement with Harwell neutron monitor
  • Ionizing dose measurement : Radfet, OSL dosimeter
  • Nuclear instrumentation and spectroscopy: several NIM modules (amplifier, TSCA, MCA …)


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Analog electronics expertise

CSL electronics laboratory designs and develops the sensors and associated electronics for all space and ground based projects of the group. Sensing and measuring is analog in nature, therefore we have always endeavoured to maintain analog engineering and technical skills, contrary to the general trend in consumer electronics favouring digital designers. We offer R&D, design and prototyping services in the following areas :

  • Electrical measurement of physical quantities
  • Sensors interfacing
  • Components characterization
  • Reverse engineering
  • Obsolescence management
  • Reliability evaluation
  • Proof of concept
  • Breadboarding
  • Prototypes

We are able to work in a flexible way in projects of all sizes, from small scale B2B orders up to european community funded consortia.

Examples of past projects for industrial customers  :

  • Feasibility study of a wireless battery charger
  • Liquid level sensors
  • Cryogenic temperature position sensor
  • Radiation level measurement device ( RADFET reader )
  • Feasibility study for portable dosimeter


Embedded electronics support

Space optical payloads need to include a number of functions, among others analog to digital conversion, logic and timing, data processing, which the instrument designer will want to implement partly in hardware and partly in embedded software.

For industrial applications, we can perform  R&D, design and prototyping of associated hardware and software. We work in a flexible way with our customers, including supplying building blocks to the customer’s architecture and ensuring proper inter-operation.

Examples of past projects for industrial customers  :

  • Brushless motor control for consumer electronics
  • Hardware and sensors interfacing software infrastructure for a DSP platform
  • Line scan camera interface for a defect detection machine in the textile industry
  • Wireless vibration monitoring proof-of-concept prototypes for suspension bridges
  • Hardware and software  for remote control and safety interlocks of a weapons pod



Test Equipment

When the test of a space payload requires more than thermal cycling under vacuum, and the customer does not bring his own test equipment, we can design, assemble and supply custom test benches and automated test sequencers, under the general name of “GSE” (Ground Support Equipment).

Some examples from past projects :

  • Halley Multicolor Camera :

Computer controlled film transport operating under vacuum, to simulate the scene observed by the spacecraft camera when in flight

  • Hipparcos astrometry mission :

Computer controlled non-contact stability monitoring instrumentation for the satellite qualification testing, among others a decentering monitor, a torsion monitor, as well as multi-zones temperature control unit.

  • XMM/Newton

Computer controlled measurement set-up for X-ray optics : X-ray source and detectors, scanning mechanisms, image acquisition.

  • MIRI instrument on board the James Webb Space Telescope :

Automated test equipment for the “ICE” electronics box ( Instrument Control Electronics )  more

  • Proba V

Validation test bench for earth observation cameras under vacuum, motion control subsystem for light source, collimator and device under test positioning.


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