Descamps Véronique

Cleanliness and Contamination Control Expertise & Metrology


The Quality lab has been initially developed to support the quality requirement of the CSL space projects. Over the years, our quality engineers have developed a metrological expertise sought after by some of our partners and industrial neighbours.


Basically, the QA lab performs climatic tests, cleanliness control and contamination analysis on a daily base for internal purpose. The lab owns state of the art equipment to maintain a very high level of accuracy and precision.


The lab is especially becoming a reference in organic contamination analyses, performed to verify that the stringent contamination and cleanliness specifications applied to spacecraft materials and associated equipment are met. Such analyses are more and more demanded by external customers and became a self-supporting activity at CSL.


Major Equipments 




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Contact(s) : Véronique Descamps vdescamps@uliege.be