Test Facilities
Tychon Isabelle

Optical, Thermal and Mechanical Tests in Space Conditions


The CSL performs various qualifications on space instruments or equipments by submitting them to environmental space conditions.


The two main types of test campaigns are thermal vacuum qualification and vibration qualification.


Generally, when thermal vacuum conditions (hot or cold cases) are imposed on an optical instrument, optical stimuli are simultaneously injected in order to validate the global optical performance in space conditions.


Some specific instruments require a cryogenic environment (4.2K – 20K). This can be achieved with cryogenic techniques involving liquid Helium.


The specific CSL assets in the test laboratory are:

  • Hyperclean environment (class 100 – ISO 5)
  • Tailored thermal environment from cryogenics (4°K) to hot cases (160°C)
  • Optical oriented design and calibration expertise
  • Team flexibility and customer oriented support

Contact(s) : Isabelle Tychon itychon@uliege.be