Mechanics & Thermics

Plesseria Jean-Yves

Thermo Mechanical Concepts for Space Applications


The thermal and mechanical competences of the CSL originally emerged to support our historical activities; design and integration of space instruments, as well as operation of our unique set of environmental test facilities.

As a consequence of the team excellence, CSL rapidly acquired a recognized expertise in thermal analyze from ESA which highly contribute to shape the team today.

But the lab is much more than “thermal analyses focused” and has developed a range of specific skills allowing the lab to participate to international technological project as a key player and to become a reference in thermal control for space environment simulators. Amongst this wide spectrum of world class competences, we want to highlight:


  • Cryogenics
  • Space mechanisms for optical instruments ( working under harsh environment )
  • Solar concentration
  • Thermal control

Contact(s) : Plesseria Jean-Yves