Optical design & metrology
Stockman Yvan

Optical system development from concept to qualification


Metrology is a key activity for all what concerns optical payload testing. Since the 70's, CSL develops Optical Ground System Equipment’s (OGSE) for testing scientific payloads operating from the X-rays until the sub-mm wavelengths. To provide efficient and up-to-date technology, the group develops new instruments and new metrology methods to face upcoming demands. The knowhow and expertise acquired on these developments are now use for in-flight metrology to on-ground industrial metrology support.


On the other hand, the optical design specialists support all CSL projects involving optical simulations as well as optical design or optical simulation for external customers.


In a nutshell, the "Optical design and metrology" lab covers the following activities:

  •  Development of Optical Ground Support Equipment
  •  Development of new metrology tools
  •  Development of flight metrology instrumentation
  •  Support to industry in metrology problems
  •  Perform optical design and analysis 

Contact(s) : Yvan Stockman ystockman@uliege.be