Surface Engineering
Fleury- Frenette Karl

Micro texturing


This activity came as the answer to a very simple question: how to get a perfect shape and quality for our space instrument optics?


Working on mirror or lens surfaces at the sub structural level was the answer. And very quickly, you discover that the surfacing techniques you imagine to make this happen have thousands of other applications, widely over passing the initial field of optics to spread on light management, solar energy, sensors or connectors, just to mention the most recent experiences.


Today, our lab mastered surface treatments based on deposit coatings, ion beam figuring, reactive plasma etching, surface micro texturing and related metrology. Some of the techniques or applications developed at CSL are extensively used by the industry. This is the way we want to expand our expertise illustrated below through very significant achievements in projects.



Major Equipments







Contact(s) : Karl Fleury