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Technology Partnerships

Bernier Joseph






Starting from know-how coming from Space Projects, the Technology Partnerships Program offers services of research & development support and training, in space or other industrial domains, in the following fields: 


  • Electronics, Sensor
    • Design and prototyping with analog electronics expertise (sensor interfacing, obsolescence management, reliability evaluation, breadboarding, prototypes… )  
    • Embedded hardware & software development
    • Test Equipment  
    • Radiation analysis & tests

       more electronics

  •  Non Destructive Testing for system, instruments or materials
    • Characterization of composites structure behavior, undergoing different kind of stresses. Dimensional measurements, deformation metrology, delamination detection   
    • Deformation and temperature measurement coupling
    • Selection of control techniques
    • Dedicated test set-up for industrial end-user
  • Mechanical & Thermal Design
    • Thermal analysis with standard programs like ESATAN/ESARAD or CSL home made software
    • Space payload mechanism design
    • Cryogenic expertise
    • Technologies of solar concentration for photovoltaic and thermal solar applications

       more mechanics & thermics

  • Optical Design & Metrology
    • Optical design and optimization using software such as CODE V, ASAP, FRED, IDL or Intelliwave
    • Development of flight metrology instrumentation
    • Development of new metrology tools - Support to industry in metrology problems
    • Straylight Analysis – BRDF characterization 
    • Study of optical function working in severe environment – Prototyping
    • Illumination devices conception  

       more optical design & metrology

  • Quality   
    • Cleanliness and contamination control expertise and metrology
    • Cleaning and decontamination of hardware
    • Design and manufacturing of clean room

       more quality

  • Satellite data processing  
    • Expertise in the frame of SAR interferometry (InSAR), differential interferometry (DInSAR), coherence tracking, SAR polarimetry and polarimetric interferometry (PolSAR & PolInSAR), split band interferometry (SBInSAR) and spectral coherence. 
    • Algorithms and tools development for Earth Observation applications 

       more signal processing

  • Surfaces micro & nano-engineering
    • Design (optical stack simulation, optical performances computation) 
    • Coating deposition (thermal evaporation, E-beam evaporation, magnetron sputtering, ion beam sputtering)
    • Metrology (coating structure and thickness, absorption, solar absorbance, refractive indices, reflectivity & transmission in extended thermal range)
    • Optimization and check of coating performances against severe environmental conditions
    • Qualification (humidity, thermal cycling, radiations)     
    • Ion Beam Figuring:  Surface correction by material ablation (figuring) or surface modification by material ablation (texturing)   
    • Nano-engineering study for application fields in biomedicals, catalytic solutions, emissivity control, photovoltaics, radiation shielding 
    • Microstructures recording, dry etching and microreplication

       more surfaces



Contact(s) : Joseph Bernier jbernier@uliege.be

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