Space Systems

Philippe Bouchez sFrom the beginning of its 50 years long history, CSL develops, assembles, calibrates and/or tests observation instruments and relevant sub-systems capable to operate in a harsh environment, in order to serve the demands of the space science.


Space Systems Program focuses its effort to incorporate CSL into the teams dedicated for definition, design, integration and/or ground and in flight calibration of scientific payload missions, mainly under the final authority of the most prestigious Space Agencies (ESA, NASA, JAXA …).


Today, more than 15 complex pieces of CSL technology have been launched in space, all of them operating nominally. Some of the most significant instruments made by CSL are: EIT solar telescope (SOHO), HI (STEREO), SWAP (PROBA 2), optical monitors with OM (Newton), OMC (INTEGRAL) and various contributions on PACS (Herschel), MIRI (JWST), UVS (JUNO) and COROT. In 2011, this strong heritage allows CSL to be awarded with the Extreme UV Imager (EUI) PIship of Solar Orbiter (ESA M1 science mission).


Contact(s) : Philippe Bouchez