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Grodent ChristopheThe CSL performs various qualifications on space instruments or units by submitting them to environmental space conditions, in a perfectly clean environment (ISO7 to ISO5)

Several kinds of test activities are performed at CSL premises:

  • Thermal Balance/Thermal cycling with Thermal Vacuum chambers (from 1.5 to 6.5m diameter with dedicated Thermal conditioning Units)
  • Outgassing tests (with permanent contamination level follow-up)
  • Vibration with two separate shakers (88kN and 200 kN)

Additionally, optical stimuli can be, under thermal vacuum environment, injected on the tested specimen for validating the final optical performance. Dedicated OGSE (Optical Ground Support Equipment) are designed, installed and used during the test campaign.

The stable thermal environment is achieved either by use of LN2/GN2 thermal systems or using one of the two Helium Liquefiers/refrigerators for the cryogenic applications (down to 4.2K).

The specific CSL competencies in the test department are: Thermal design and control, Structural Vibration, Cryogeny, Optics and Electronics.


Download the CSL test facilities description

Contact(s) : Christophe Grodent cgrodent@uliege.be

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