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The Centre Spatial de Liège (CSL) is an applied Research Center owned by the University of Liège, focused on design, integration and calibration of space observation instruments. CSL also operated a highly specialized environmental test center to support ESA program as well as space industry and regional companies. Through several state of the art facilities standing in an ultra-clean environment, CSL provides a customized service to expose instruments, systems and even, satellites to extreme conditions encountered in deep space with a unique expertise in optics and thermal regulation, including cryogenics. We are proud to highlight our participation to a great number of renowned space missions such as SOHO-EIT, XMM,  COROT, HERSCHEL, PLANCK, JUNO, etc



CSL employs about 100 highly skilled employees within its Liège Science Park location.
In that prospective, CSL collaborates in numerous Regional, national, Interreg or European research projects.
This is also one of the CSL statements to make its high level competences available for the local and regional industries. Some of the CSL science areas of expertise are : optical design and metrology, non destructive testing, surface micro-texturing, sensors and components working under extreme environment, lasers, cryogenics, thermal and mechanical design, signal processing … 


Visit our siteweb about our 50 years : events.ulg.ac.be/50csl



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