Duration: 2016-2020


Objectives: Develop a new terahertz imaging technique based on digital holography for the nondestructive inspection of composite materials. Other applications are foreseen in different domains covered in the main TERA4ALL project by other consortium partners: biomedical, agriculture, pharmacy mainly.

Digital holography allows observing tiny phase and amplitude variation related to the presence of defect inside a material, moreover it allows to find its depth due to the numerical reconstruction principle.

The main equipment purchased in the project is the following:

  • A gas laser, 295 FIR, from company Edinburgh Instruments, emitting 500 mW at 118 µm wavelength. Other emission lines are also possible.
  • A microbolometer camera, MicroXCam-i384, from company INO
  • A series of optomechanical elements for the integration of laser and camera into a digital holography setup.


THz gas laser small      THz digital holography setup small

THz gas laser                                                                                                       THz digital holography setup


Funding: the research and equipment are funded by European Union under the FEDER 2014-2020 program and by Wallonia region.

  • Total funding: 1.000.166,45 €
  • Funding European Union (FEDER): 403.266,58 €
  • Funding Wallonia: 604.899,9 €


Project details (in french) : see

Workshop 27/03/2018 (in French): http://hdl.handle.net/2268/225139

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Contact(s) : Marc Georges mgeorges@uliege.be