BelSAR Campaign Gets A Kick Start

We made it!  After three false starts due to weather conditions and conflicts with air traffic at Charleroi Airport, the ESA-sponsored BelSAR airborne campaign had its first fly this Wednesday 30 May. BelSAR is a new first for the CSL Signal Processing Laboratory : first ever radar airborne campaign over Belgium, and not an easy one : imagine two aircrafts in close formation-flying and acquiring interferometric and bistatic radar images!

The project is coordinated by CSL (Anne Orban and Christian Barbier), and the partners are Université Catholique de Louvain, Gent Universiteit, Ecole Royale Militaire, and MetaSensing (NL). We had and still will have fun, other flights are scheduled! Stay tuned!

BelSAR 1s   BelSAR 2s


BelSAR 3s   BelSAR 4s


BelSAR 5s   BelSAR 6s

Contact(s) : Anne Orban