Focal e

Focal e s


  • Facility for low electrons flux effect characterization (individual event analysis), ex Jupiter mission (JUICE), GEO orbit ...
  • Electron flux adjustable from 0 to 6000 e-/cm².s
  • Electron energy range : 0 to 3.5 MeV
  • Vacuum 1E-6 mbar
  • Liquid Nitrogen available in the vacuum chamber (or in customer cryostat)
  • Measurements can be done in vacuum or at atmospheric pressure (automated motor positioning of e- sources) with < 0.1 µm positioning accuracy
  • In situ ultra high resolution electron spectrometer (1.7 keV @ 624 keV)
  • Electron absorption in material/component measurement (energy spectrum)
  • Mass spectrometer (Residual Gas Analyzer) connected to the chamber
  • Pressure and temperatures data logging
  • Data logging available over internet (teletest CSL software)
  • Oil free pumping
  • Facility can be moved in clean room (class 100)

Developed with Prodex support




Contact(s) : Alain Carapelle s Alain Carapelle