The objective of EO_Regions_Science, financed by BELSPO in the frame of the STEREO III Program, is to perform a consistent and coordinated set of basic research activities in support to the EO_Regions! project (Plan Marshall 2022- Skywin). EO_Regions! develops innovating Earth observing downstream services based on new methodologies and services for dynamical monitoring of territories making use of EO data.

EO_Regions_Science aims to consolidate the scientific basis on which the services proposed by EO_Regions! are built and to facilitate their operationalization. Application fields of are Wallonia and Senegal.

The partnership is composed by

-       Centre Spatial de Liège (CSL) – University of Liège

-       Signal and Image Center (SIC) of the Royal Military Academy (RMA)

-       Unité de Géomatique (UGEOM) - University of Liège,

-       Unité Eau-Environnement-Développement (EED) - University of Liège – Campus of Arlon,

-       Institut Scientifique de Service Public (ISSeP).




One of the targeted applications of EO_Regions! is ground displacement monitoring. CSL develops the methodology of ground displacement measurement by Differential SAR Interferometry (DInSAR) in the context of Sentinel-1 data. This application requires the availability of stable points acting as Permanent Scatterers (PS). It has then been proposed to use Corner Reflectors as artificial PS. As a first step, an in-depth analysis has been done to provide a design and identify the boundary conditions for the operational use. A CR has been mounted in Sart-Tilman and is observed in S1 TopSAR images.

The other partner research topics/expected results are focused on

-       Ontologies providing a structuration of user oriented queries and consistency between users request and performed treatments (UGEOM – ULiège),

-       Change detection and monitoring methodologies and toolbox (RMA),

-       Crop status monitoring and yield forecasting by EO data assimilation into a crop model (EED- ULiège),

-       Improvement of user needs understanding, in-situ acquisition protocols and test cases (ISSeP).


corner reflector s CR in S1 + cercle s geoprojected S1 s
CSL Corner Reflector in Sart-Tilman Geoprojected S1 image CR in S1 acquisition


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