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Space & Photonics

Space technologies based on photonics are considered as one of Europe’s areas of key industrial competence. They have huge potential to address a number of today’s grand societal challenges, in particular health and wellbeing, climate action and secure societies.

However, this potential will be wasted if public policy fails to address the gap between space research and its application on the ground. A long-term challenge is to ensure that R&I investments exploit the opportunities offered by space (e.g. huge availability of data and signals) by ensuring that applications and services are produced to address societal challenges and that they reach the market.


Project Objectives

The immediate objectives of STEPHANIE are:

• to promote the involvement of stakeholders in the interregional learning process through the creation of local stakeholder groups,

• to develop regional visions for a better understanding of challenges and opportunities of regional R&I policies applied to photonicsbased space technology,

• to identify and share regional Good Practices related to policy instruments supporting product developments and services with market potential and addressing socioenvironmental challenges,

• to prepare, apply and monitor regional Action Plans for integrating and deploying Good Practices in the space technology sector.


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Contact(s) : Joseph Bernier