Scientific Space Systems

Serge Habraken small Scientific Space Systems Program is focused on the space instrumentation in close link with the Scientists (mainly Astrophysicists).

Scientists define the space mission objectives. When the mission has successfully passed through the selection process, Prodex and Belspo offices give access to the funding of the scientific and engineering mission phases.

Since more than 30 years, CSL takes part of an international Consortium involved in the engineering of optical instruments on board of most of the scientific spacecrafts of ESA and some ones from NASA.

Fabrication (under industrial sub contracts), assembly, verification, alignment, calibration and space qualification are the usual tasks that CSL manages during the space instrument phases. It includes a high level of expertise in optics, thermo-mechanics, and electronics combined with a long heritage in specific space requirements like material selection and procedures.

Contact(s) : Serge Habraken